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Announcing the 2019 Board of Directors

The Frankenmuth Jaycees are part of JCI-Michigan, JCI-USA and JCI-International. The chapter is governed by the 2019 Board of Directors, which was elected by the membership in November 2018 and includes:

Executive Team:

President: Amanda Weiss

Chairman of the Board: Bethany Burnett

Treasurer: Dan Jacobson

Secretary: Olivia Howard

Sergeant At Arms:

Chaplain: Hannah Hayes

Legal Counsel: Travis Dafoe


Vice President: Jessica Haynes

Directors: Michelle Mattice and Kandy Schatz

Individual Development:

Vice President: Jacqulyn Leary

Directors: Chase Kreger and Leah Zuzula


Vice President: Sean Manriquez

Directors: Julie Crandall and Shari Palmer


Vice President: Charles Allport

Directors: Kieshan Counts and Ashley Hopp

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