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Announcing the 2018 Board of Directors

The Frankenmuth Jaycees has elected its 2018 Board of Directors, led by President Bethany Burnett. A Jaycee for four years, Burnett has served as treasurer for the past two years and brings strong leadership skills to the organization.

The 2018 Board of Directors includes:

The Frankenmuth Jaycees are part of JCI-Michigan, JCI-USA and JCI-International. The chapter is governed by a Board of Directors, which includes:

Executive Team:

Chairman of the Board: Danielle Daugharty

Treasurer: Dan Jacobson

Secretary: Jeanna Rogner

Sergeant At Arms: Julie Crandall

Chaplain: Kandy Schatz

Legal Counsel: Travis Dafoe

Management Team:

Vice President: Jacob Bierlein

Directors: Alex Givens and Karalee McKinstry-Masker

Individual Development:

Vice President: Jeremy Mossner

Directors: Matt Kanyok and Jacqulyn Leary


Vice President: Cara Kovl

Directors: Sean Manriquez and Kandy Schatz


Vice President: Jessica Haynes

Directors: Charles Allport and Christy Kuczynski

2018 Board of Directors

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